Ambarella’s Embedded Vision Summit Presentation is Available for Free On-Demand

Our presentation surveys the most popular optical depth sensing technologies used in modern applications.

As part of the recent Embedded Vision Summit (#EVS21), hosted by the Edge AI + Vision Alliance, Ambarella is offering a free on-demand overview of three fundamental optical depth sensing technologies: stereo camera systems, time-of-flight (ToF) sensors, and structured light. Featuring Dinesh Balasubramaniam, the presentation, “When 2D Is Not Enough: An Overview of Optical Depth Sensing Technologies,” reviews these technologies in the context of real-world application development.

Dinesh offers this synopsis of his talk:

Camera systems used for computer vision at the edge are smarter than ever, but when they perceive the world in 2D, they remain limited for many applications because they lack information about the third dimension: depth. Sensing technologies that capture and integrate depth allow us to build smarter and safer applications across a wide variety of use cases, including robotics, security, AR/VR and gesture detection. In this presentation, we will examine three common technologies used for optical depth sensing: stereo camera systems, time-of-flight (ToF) sensors and structured light systems. We will review the core ideas behind each technology, compare and contrast them, and identify the tradeoffs to consider when selecting a depth sensing technology for your application, focusing on accuracy, sensing range, performance under difficult lighting conditions, optical hardware requirements, and more.

Ambarella’s focus on low-power AI vision processing combined with sensor fusion led to our being selected for this year’s Embedded Vision Summit program. Our experience developing production-ready solutions that leverage these sensing modalities leaves us uniquely positioned to help designers across a variety of industries select the right technology for their applications.

Since 2012, the Embedded Vision Summit has served as a premier conference and expo devoted to practical, deployable computer vision and visual AI. The Summit is organized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, an industry partnership operated by Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.

You can watch Dinesh’s talk here. Note that registration is required.