Accelerating Innovation During CES 2023

Our exhibition during this year’s CES was one of our largest and most exciting events to date. Over the course of four days, we held more than 200 customer meetings that showcased nearly 40 demonstrations and customer products, including rides in our AI equipped R&D vehicles, as well as customer vehicles. With this year’s theme of Accelerating Innovation, our goal was to inspire the next generation of edge AI designs. Check out this short recap video…

Showcasing innovations across a wide range of markets for AI-enabled camera and radar systems, the list of demonstrations included driver and occupant monitoring (DMS/OMS) solutions, autonomous vehicles and ADAS, robotics, home and office security, access control, and video conferencing. In addition, we featured our growing ecosystem of third-party software partners.

During CES, we announced our partnership with Continental to develop joint assisted and automated driving systems with a full software stack, and showed joint demonstrations at both companies’ exhibits. This strategic partnership combines Continental’s software and hardware expertise and broad portfolio of automotive system solutions with our computer vision know-how, powerful SoCs and software modules.

We also introduced our new CV3-AD685, adding the first production SoC to Ambarella’s CES Innovation Award winning 5nm family of automotive AI central domain controllers. Extending our lead in AI performance-per-watt, the CV3-AD685 introduced new radar processing capabilities and support for transformer neural networks, providing a single-chip solution for multi-sensor perception, fusion and path planning. Building on last year’s launch of the CV3-AD family, this year’s driving demo featured our latest generation of R&D vehicles, with our perception and sensor fusion stack running on a single CV3-AD domain controller. 

Other highlights included the announcement of our partnership with Kodiak to integrate our CV2AQ AI perception SoCs into their self-driving trucks for all camera data processing, with their autonomous big rig on display; a trilateral partnership with Seeing Machines and Autobrains to offer a single box, single SoC front ADAS and DMS solution; and a new partnership with Applied Intuition to offer a joint ADAS and AV hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) development solution based on our CV3-AD PCIe HIL card and Applied’s simulation software.

With this year’s CES in the rearview e-mirror, the Ambarella team looks forward to welcoming our customers, partners and investors at next year’s show!