Innovation was the focus of our exhibition during this year’s CES, with the theme of Turbocharged AI. Over the course of four days, we held more than 300 customer meetings that showcased nearly 40 demonstrations and customer products, including close to 200 rides in our fully autonomous R&D vehicles. Check out this short recap video…

Spanning a wide range of applications, our demonstrations showcased how we can efficiently turbocharge AI for multi-modal, generative AI at the edge, autonomous vehicles and ADAS, robotics, home and office security, and video conferencing. In addition, we featured new developments from our continuously growing ecosystem of third-party software partners.

During CES, we introduced our new N1 SoC, which brings GenAI capabilities to edge-endpoint and on-premise applications. A single N1 SoC has the ability to support one to 34-billion parameter multi-modal large language models (LLMs), at a fraction of the power-per-inference of leading GPU solutions.

We also announced the expansion of our CV3-AD family of automotive AI domain controllers with two new additions—the CV3-AD635 and CV3-AD655 SoCs. Building on last year’s announcement of the CV3-AD685 SoC, which targets L3/L4 systems—along with the China-focused CV72AQ SoC—the CV3-AD family now covers the full range of AD and ADAS solutions, offering the broadest performance range for any software-compatible AI domain controller family.

Just before CES, we unveiled our full software stack for autonomous and semi-autonomous driving. The show provided the perfect opportunity to demonstrate it, via test drives in our latest R&D vehicles—with the stack running on a single CV3-AD and generating HD maps on the fly by centrally processing the inputs from 18 cameras and five radars.

Other highlights included the introduction of our CooperTM Developer Platform, offering a flexible, modular and prepackaged suite of hardware and software development tools compatible with our entire portfolio of AI SoCs; an expansion of our partnership with Quanta to provide new AI box and AI PCIe card joint solutions utilizing our CV3-AD, CV7, and N1 AI SoCs; a new partnership with e-con Systems on the launch of their e-con Robotics Computing Platform, based on our CV72S edge AI SoC; and Kodiak Robotics’ selection of our CV3-AD685 AI domain control SoC as a complete embedded compute solution for its next-generation autonomous trucks.

If you weren’t able to visit us, we’re offering customers and partners virtual tours featuring videos from all of our demos. Contact your Ambarella representative today to schedule.